About Us

We combine our long-term legacy in marine operations with the specialised technical expertise of our team.

DV Offshore, known as DVO, is an engineering consultancy contractor providing design and project support services for companies and operators in the offshore and marine sectors.

Our history

DV Offshore is a French company incorporated in 1973, with its operational office in Saint-Cloud, near Paris in France.

Originally DV Offshore was part of the Delmas Vieljeux group, one of the oldest shipping companies in France. DV Offshore was purchased by the CMB/Exmar Group in 1999 and now operates as part of Exmar Offshore, providing consultancy services to the marine industries.

With over 50 years of consulting, engineering and supervision experience together with a permanent technological watch in their speciality fields, the DV Offshore’s consultants have the necessary know-how and skills to efficiently and rapidly advise or assist their customers in industrial maritime projects.

Our mission statement

For over 50 years, we have been increasing our design expertise leveraging customer operating feedback. 

We commit to provide our clients with professional support to their own teams and divisions, to enhance the value of their projects. 

Every day, we carry out our work in an honest and independent manner, and to encourage and maintain the integrity of our employees. 

Our expertise

DV Offshore has worked extensively with many oil and gas companies, port authorities and marine renewal energies companies for floating systems, subsea production and marine operations projects. Our engineers have considerable experience working as part of the company project teams from the project definition stage, through FEED studies, Invitation To Bid package preparation, bid review and award recommendations, to supervising the contractors’ design, fabrication and installation activities. 

DV Offshore’s expertise extends to mooring systems, harbours, terminals, offshore logistics, pipelines and risers and subsea assets. Our activities, based on in-house databases regarding all types of vessels, FSOs and FPSOs. We develop our expertise for the marine renewable energy sector and in particular floating wind turbines (FOWT) and SWAC.  

Finally, an important contribution to the DV Offshore’s resources come from a comprehensive database system which enables the consultants to quickly find reliable data on suppliers, terminals, ships characteristics, service vessels or installation equipment as well as the latest international codes and regulations.  

DVO is certified ISO 9001 by Bureau Veritas Certification.

Our clients

DV Offshore successfully carried out over 1,000 projects worldwide for major oil and gas and maritime companies.​ 

DV Offshore can work for marine and offshore projects either directly for companies, or for contractors. These two possibilities of work can be found for all steps of development of the project (concept, design, construction, installation, etc.). 

This allows DV Offshore to have a good knowledge of the relationships between companies and contractors, for a better management. 

DV Offshore activities are oriented towards all sea-related projects. 

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Our team

DV Offshore employs highly qualified individuals from a variety of engineering disciplines: naval architects, structural engineers, merchant navy officers, marine science engineers, civil and mechanical engineers. 

Furthermore, some of the engineers are fully qualified divers (including NDT). They can thus provide expert advice, inspect or supervise underwater work independently from any contractor and other third parties.  

Our organisation allows a strong reactivity. 

DV Offshore’s organization and internal resources


Are you looking for an offshore engineer job?

DV Offshore is a human-size engineering company, in which your personality and expertise will be key assets for our common success on international marine projects.

We have developed a collaborative spirit and we facilitate self-development. We look forward to find the most suitable positions and responsibilities for you.

We propose either full remote position with regular team meeting in our Paris’s office or fully presential position, and any combination of presential and remote work organisation..

If you are:

  • Naval architect with experience in mooring system design
  • Marine engineer, with or without experience
  • Merchant navy officer with experience in oil and gas projects

Send your resume to technical@dvo.fr.

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