DV Offshore provides independent mooring and anchoring system engineering for the offshore energy industry.

We have expertise in quasi-dynamic, dynamic, fully coupled time domain numerical analysis either to evaluate operational or extreme loads or fatigue design life in compliance with classification companies rules and standards.

For that purpose, we perform hydrodynamic analysis of the floaters to be moored using software like BV Ariane or Hydrostar Mooring.

Our mooring engineers are experienced with catenary and taut mooring systems and with chain, steel wires and synthetic mooring lines (polyester, nylon) for shallow and deepwater systems.

We provide mooring analysis and design from concept to basic design and procurement engineering including specification of mooring equipment and operability assessment. We have large experience in review and supervision of deepwater mooring system detailed design, mooring equipment fabrication and testing.

We have supervised several mooring lines prelay and hook-up operations for shallow and deep water depths.