marine renewable energies

DV Offshore is fully involved in supporting their clients in marine renewable energies projects.

We combine our long-term legacy in marine operations and offshore projects with the specialised technical expertise of our team to engineer the solutions of tomorrow.

DV Offshore can perform conceptual study, preliminary and basic design, procurement engineering, installation engineering. With our large offshore projects experience we can also supervise detailed design, equipment fabrication and offshore installation operations on behalf of the Client.

Wind energy

With the FOWT (Floating Offshore Wind Turbine), we facilitate access to new wind resources at deep water. In France, we contributed to most of the FOWT projects: storage logistics, mooring, transportation, installation, hook-up…

Seawater energy

The SWAC (Sea Water Air Conditioning Systems) technologies, also known as ocean water cooling, which consist in PEHD pipelines that convey cold sea water from great depths to the heat exchangers of air conditioning systems, provides sustainable cooling solutions. In the South Pacific area where two major projects were installed, we have been involved from preliminary design to detailed design and procurement engineering.

DV Offshore has also performed full detailed design and installation engineering of PEHD pipelines for a thalassothermic loop which consists in pumping water and using its temperature to either cool or heat buildings or any other infrastructure.

Low carbon

Offshore industry is fully involved to lower the impact of their technology. In case CO2 emissions cannot be avoided, the carbon capture and storage become an efficient solution to be deployed.

With our customers and partners, DV Offshore contributes to carbon capture and storage projects with development of CO2 reinjection terminals. We also are looking at development of ammonia terminals.