We can assist clients as part of their project teams, or carry out independent studies, engineering, and inspections to support client’s requirements.
We can also work with potential clients to mature project and contracting strategies, and to determine the most appropriate field development concepts for further investigation and evaluation.
DV Offshore is an independent consultant without any affiliation to specific contractors or suppliers. As such, we can offer clients impartial advice and evaluations.
We participate along the entire EPCI value chain for offshore projects.

Engineering consultancy

Technical assistance

Project management and logistic

Operations & survey / Audit

Inspection, maintenance and repair operations

Engineering consultancy

DV Offshore can perform complete engineering services or studies to support client’s field development plans:

  • Conceptual studies including market screening
  • Feasibility study
  • CAPEX and OPEX / preliminary planning evaluation
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) including preliminary installation and procurement engineering including equipment specification, Material Take Off (MTO) and requisition sheets
  • Surveys (bathymetric, geophysical, geotechnical and topographic) specifications
  • Call for tender dossier
  • Tender evaluation
  • Installation procedures
  • Risks assessment

To achieve the different concepts and studies, the DV Offshore engineers use various calculations, software and simulation tools:

  • Mooring calculation software
  • Transport and stock simulation (in-house)
  • Pipeline and sea-line calculation (in house, Orcaflex, AutoCad 3D, Civil works)
  • Drawings (AutoCad 3D, QGis)

Technical assistance

DV Offshore’s experts provide technical assistance to marine renewable and oil and gas projects for different phases like basic engineering, pre-FEED, FEED, EPCI and during repair operations.
Our engineers can be integrated in client’s project team in the following fields either to assist in the studies or to review and supervise on behalf of the client what is performed by the contractor:

  • Bathymetric, geotechnical, geophysical and topographic surveys
  • Mooring system engineering
  • Subsea systems (FLETs, well heads, pipelines, risers) engineering
  • Marine systems engineering
  • Structure / naval architecture
  • Lifting operations engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Marine operations engineering

We can also provide technical assistance for procurement, fabrication, construction and installation supervision.

Project management and logistics

With over 50 years of marine expertise, DV Offshore engineers can be integrated into the client’s Project Management Team to provide appropriate and efficient solutions for the offshore energy industry:

  • Construction management (supervision, budget and planning)
  • Contract management
  • Installation management
  • Start up and commissioning
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair

We provide various types of project management services:

  • Project management of a project or a project package
  • Integrated Project Management Services (IPMS)

DV Offshore performs:

  • Supply-chain studies
  • Logistic base location studies
  • Engineering of accommodation barges and special purpose vessels

Operations and survey / Audits

With our global know-how in the marine domain, the DV Offshore engineers can offer a large range of operations and survey services, including risks assessment (HAZID / HAZOP).

During operations we can provide:

  • Marine advisor services
  • Marine management and coordination services
  • Subsea operations supervision

For surveys, we are able to perform:

  • Technical investigations
  • Inspection of marine support vessels: supply boats, barges, floatels, LCT
  • Audits of terminals, mooring systems, sealines and structures
  • NDT

The surveys can be performed by a diver integrated in DV Offshore’s team.

Inspection, maintenance and repair operations

DV Offshore experts can develop inspection, maintenance and operating procedures as well as repairs philosophies for all systems in our expertise domains (mooring systems, pipelines, loading / offloading terminals, marine systems, etc.) for all maritime industries.

Once the procedures are finalized, we can perform inspections (see survey / audits).

Our engineers can supervise maintenance and repair operations.